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The signs of a bad timing belt
Published By angie.joannaa on 2012-05-24 1492 Views

The timing belt in a car is responsible for controlling the timing of the engine’s valves. In the event that the timing belt snaps it can easily damage the engine of the car.
That is why it is best to replace the timing belt of car before it exceeds a certain number of miles and is due for replacement.
Ignoring the recommended time when the timing should be replaced, is a danger in itself and will cost you more money, than you should have spent when the engine gets damaged in due course.
The following are some of the signs or symptoms that will show you that your timing belt is worn out and has to be replaced.
Inspect the timing belt
One of the best ways to find out if your timing belt is bad is to open up the hood and check it yourself. You should look out for signs such as, cracks and tear like cracks on the timing belt itself.
When the engine lacks power
The moment you start to notice that your engine lacks power then you should consider having the timing belt checked.

This is because, when a timing belt is not working well then there is incomplete combustion hence causing the engine to lack enough power. This often results into rough idling and the car engine misfiring.

Excess exhaust fumes

Another indicator to show that the timing belt is bad is when the car has an excessive exhaust emission. Due to a bad timing belt there is improper combustion which is often accompanied by clanking and shaking due to the loosening of the timing belt.

When the car fails to start

When you have a worn timing belt it will be difficult to get your car started. This is however not the primary cause of a car failing to start, but it is one of the main problems. If you are experiencing problems in starting your car then you should have the timing belt checked.

When there is unusual engine noise

It is therefore very important for every car owner to look out for signs that show that your car needs to be checked and repaired.

There are certain things that you can notice such as unusual engine noise amongst other things that may indicate that you need to have your car checked by a mechanic.

If this is the case then it could be that your timing belt has a problem and you must have it checked immediately by a mechanic before it causes further damages.

Never ignore unusual sounds in your car in order to avoid further damage. The moment you suspect that your car may be having a mechanical problem, you must take to a qualified mechanic for check up to avoid experiencing further problems.


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