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How to get rid of ants using natural methods
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Has your home been invaded by ants and you are wondering on how to get rid of them? If the answer is “yes” then you will find the following tips on how to get rid of ants naturally helpful. Ants will invade your kitchen when they are looking for a tasty meal.Which is why it is essential for you to try and keep them out.

Are you are concerned about the use of chemicals when getting rid of ants and you are looking for effective but natural ways of getting rid of ants? Then you will find this article helpful.

Keep your kitchen clean

Ants are attracted to sugar, grease, and any types of food particles lying around your kitchen or home. You should clean all food spills immediately as a way of keeping the ants out of your home.

Seal all your foods and remove all sources of sticky, greasy and flesh foods from locations where the ants can have easily access it. This also requires you to observe cleanliness at all times within your kitchen and home.

Wash all the dirty dishes after use and wipe the kitchen surfaces after every meal preparation. You should keep your food tightly sealed as a way of keeping the ants away.

Use a vinegar based solution (vinegar and water) to clean your kitchen surfaces and also to disinfect the tabletops or bench tops in your kitchen.

Remember to also keep the garbage bin tightly sealed and clean. Clean the kitchen floor thoroughly after use on a daily basis.

You should also rinse any jars or bottles that have sticky or greasy leftover residue which will attract ants. Jam or jelly jars, tomato sauce or ketch up bottle which have any leftover residue should be cleaned immediately.

You can place your honey or jam jar in a bowl of water as a way of keeping the ants from climbing the jar. When the ants fail to find what to eat they will eventually leave your home.

Identify any ant congregations around non food items and keep such items away or have them sealed tightly.

Seal off all entry points

Identify all the points of entry that the ants are using to enter your house and kitchen and seal them off.

You can use silicone caulk to seal all the entrance holes which the ants are using to gain entry to your home. Glue, plaster or putty can also be used as sealants.

Use soapy water

You can also use soapy water to kill the ants and destroy their chemical trails which will prevent more ants from following invading your home.

You should study the ants’ trail and find out where the entry point which the ants are using to enter your house is and spray the trail with soapy water.

For the soapy water you can mix 1 teaspoon of liquid dish washing soap into a spray bottle and fill it with water.

Shake the bottle well in order to mix the solution well and spray the solution directly on the ants and their trail.

You can add mint oil or citrus peels to the soapy solution for a more concentrated ant killer solution.

Use chalk lines as a barrier

Another way of getting rid of ants naturally is to use chalk barriers. These are meant to prevent the ants from entering your home.

A barrier is an unbroken line which has a width of about 6.35 mm. The following are some of the natural barriers which you can use to keep the ants out.
Citrus oil Charcoal Baby powder Powdered cleanser such as Clorox or Vim Chalk lines

Use deterrents

Using natural deterrents such as peppermint is a clever way of preventing the ants from entering your home. You can put mint on your kitchen windowsill and keep those ants out.

You can also spray lavender oil, clove oil in areas where ants have been using to access to home. Fragrant deterrents will keep the ants out while at the same time giving your home a constant fresh odor.

Make your own ant bait

You can also create your own ant baits to kill the ants. You can use boric acid as ant bait; boric acid is used in borax and certain saline solutions.

Boric acid is a stomach poison which will kill the ants when ingested. When the ants walk on it and clean their feet or antennae they will ingest it and as a result die.

You can put a teaspoonful of jam or maple syrup on a plate and add some boric acid along the sides of the maple syrup so that the ants walk through it to get to the maple syrup.

However you should remember to keep the ant bait out of reach of children or pets to avoid poisoning.

Use edible food to get rid of the ants

You can use food bait such as corn meal to get rid of the ants naturally. Put corn meal on a saucer along the path or trail of the ants. The ants will try to eat it but will fail to ingest it and as a result die.

Another great natural ant killer is the cream of wheat. You can put the wheat cream in its raw form along the trail of the ants or in the kitchen.

When the ants eat the cream of wheat it will expand in their stomach and as a result kill them.

Use coffee grounds

Coffee grounds will do an amazing job of getting rid of ants. You can empty coffee grounds along the foundations of your house and keep the ants away.

The coffee grounds when used will cause the ants to lose their scent trails and hence fail to find their way to your home. This method is an effective, natural way of getting rid of ants naturally.

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